REBEL MEDIA is the new collaborative wing of SEKOU LUKE STUDIO. REBEL MEDIA is a studio built on creating visually rich, collaborative story content that is transformative, community building and generative.
Welcome to REBEL MEDIA. 
Sekou Luke is a Harlem-based filmmaker and producer whose creative mediums include over 10 years of directing, filmmaking, photography, acting, and other forms of media & content creation. Sekou Luke is the CEO and founder of Sekou Luke Studio and REBEL Media, whose established creative collaborators include Amazon Prime Video, The Apollo Theater, Harlem Stage, The Billie Holiday Theatre, ROC-United, V-Day, The Schott Foundation, Ford Foundation, Family Values @ Work, Step Afrika, The Creative Jenius Report and PopMatters Magazine.
His film series for Family Values @ Work was used to introduce President Obama at the 2016 White House Summit on Family. His storytelling has taken him global from behind the scenes at Paris Fashion Week to The Oscars to the El Paso Mexico border. He received a Telly Award for his piece “The Time is Now” (feat. Thandie Newton and Chantal Georges). His photography and design has been featured on the book covers for “Behind the Kitchen Door” and “Forked” by Saru Jayaraman.
Focusing on working collaboratively during the pandemic, Sekou has launched REBEL MEDIA, with an emphasis on creating visually rich story content that is transformative, community-building, and generative. This collaborative approach has been the primary creative and/or production engine for the launch of projects such as HARLEM PARADE, UNSCRIPTED: CONVERSATIONS WITH CHRISTIAN JOHN WIKANE, FINDING YOUR BIG: THE MASTERCLASS by Olubode Shawn Brown, and MERLINA. MERLINA, the short film written and performed live by Liza Jesse Peterson and co-produced by Nona Hendryx, was the winner of BEST EXPERIMENTAL SHORT in the NEW YORK INDIE SHORT AWARDS 2021 and has been officially selected for THE HARLEM INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2021, MONTREAL INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL 2021 and NEW YORK NO LIMITS FILM SERIES 2021.
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